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Why you need an IT career coach

Rich Hein | Nov. 6, 2013
Whether you're not happy where you're currently working, are out of work and need a job, or are just looking to stay ahead of the curve, working with an IT career coach can help you learn the skills necessary to stand apart from the other IT job seekers out there.

One of the recurring themes that JM Auron, a resume writer with Quantum Tech Resumes, says he frequently hears on the Internet, LinkedIn groups specifically is, "No one knows your career as well as you do."

According to Auron, however, this is simply not true. "Very few of us know our careers or really have a sense of what we've done that's most critical — and most valuable — to an employer. Working with the right career coach can help a client clarify those accomplishments, and gain real confidence in approaching an interview," says Auron.

Do They Need to Specialize in What I Do?
A good career coach can help someone in any industry or profession, but someone who speaks the same language you do can now doubt take some time off of the learning curve. "A career coach with personal experience in your selected field can often help you more quickly than one without that experience. To the extent that the coach can bring industry-specific stories and examples into the conversation to illustrate issues and opportunities, they can enable you to see your situation more clearly and more quickly," says Kantor.

How IT Career Coaches Differ from Mentors
You may be thinking that you already have mentor so why do you need a career coach, too? A coach is generally comes from outside the industry and works with people at all levels of their career. But there can be overlap.

"Most mentors are more-experienced professionals who offer advice to less-experienced professionals on how to handle situations with which they do not have as much experience. Coaches, on the other hand, focus more on facilitating self-discovery and problem-solving. In actual practice, many effective mentors do some coaching and many coaches with solid industry experience do some mentoring," says Kantor.

What Can IT Pros Expect to Gain?
Bob Kantor offers this analogy, "Think of the fitness coaches on the TV show, "The Biggest Loser." While they help train their clients in how to work out and eat better, they also help inspire them to achieve more and give their all, especially when the going is very tough."

According to the experts the ages, the roles or positions, the objectives and goals are as diverse as the people themselves. As a result objectives vary from person to person according to what they want to achieve and their level of experience and expertise.

6 Benefits of Using an IT Career Coach
1. Clarity

"The most important thing coaching can provide is clarity - both on past accomplishments and on future goals," says Auron. Not having clarity on where you've been, where you're going and where you want to be is a common issue with many job seekers not just people in the technology field. Working with a good career coach will help facilitate a broader perspective on your situation and how you respond to it. They should work with you to uncover that clarity, set goals and to identify and take advantage of new opportunities.


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