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Why referrals make the best hires

Sharon Florentine | May 3, 2016
Most HR pros say job candidate referrals are safer bets when hiring, but most job seekers aren't networking effectively to get those referrals, according to a new study from Future Workplace and

Eighty percent of the HR professionals say passive job seekers become the most effective employees based on a number of assumptions, according to the survey. When asked to identify the biggest benefit of hiring a passive job seeker, 44 percent of HR professionals say they have more experience; 44 percent say they possess valuable skills and 42 percent say they take their careers more seriously. However, job seekers don't seem to realize this advantage, according to the survey results; when asked who has a competitive edge in the job market, less than half or 47 percent of job seekers said passive job seekers did.

"I started to notice this among my friends and peers -- those of us who were already employed seemed to always be fending off invitations to apply or interview, or getting more potential new opportunities. So, when designing this research, I wanted to test the hypothesis and see if it was a real trend -- and it is," says Schawbel.

His advice to job seekers based on the research -- make yourself a passive job seeker by freelancing, volunteering or some other job-related activity. It'll automatically make you more enticing to potential companies.

"If you're unemployed, you can turn into a passive job seeker right now by freelancing, being an entrepreneur, volunteering or blogging. I mean, you could even get started by selling items on sites like Amazon and eBay. By engaging in these activities while you search for a job, you'll be practicing new skills and potentially make side income so you will be less desperate for a job, which makes you more attractive as a job seeker," Schawbel says.


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