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Who is Manoj Kumar Sharma?

Zafar Anjum | Jan. 17, 2014
A born entrepreneur, India’s Manoj Kumar Sharma, the CEO of SpeakAsia, started his business forays at a very young age.

Manoj Kumar SharmaA born entrepreneur, India's Manoj Kumar Sharma started his business forays at a very young age.

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In the summer of 1977, when still in high school, he embraked on his first business idea. Hitting upon the fact that a lot of government employees could not avail the leave travel allowance (LTA) due to shortage of funds, he ingeniously put together a programme which allowed the traveller to undertake his entire trip within the budget by travelling by a Bus. This later came to be known as a LTC bus and till date is very popluar amongst holiday goers.

As part of his professional career, he joined a comupter company called PCL in 1984. It was here he possibly brought in an innovative way of transactions with the government agencies. He convinced the then government superstore called Kendriya Bhandar to stock his company's products. What this allowed the government institutions to do was to buy products from this superstore with going the long and tedious tendering process which was fraught with lacuna.

In 1990, he decided to turn into an entreprenuer and joined the board of a company called CMS and became its director of marketing. Here, along with another co-worker, he laid out a plan to revamp the entire road signalling system of India. A majority of the traffic lights in the country are even today upgraded and maintained by CMS.

In 1994, Sharmaj started his own company called Lanbit along with a friend. This company started a new distribution methodology where the sub-distributors imported the products directly from the factory, thereby inducing transparency and brining down the cost of operations dramatically. He also brought in a unique product called as CD-Serv for library automations.

While Lanbit was doing well, he launched his next venture Tulsient. He now launched a VOIP service called Our Free Phone, an Internet based telephony company.

Tulsient also became a premier software company in the area of developing software for the direct marketing industry and also used to maintain the websites of clients across the world.

In 2009 he launched his largest project ever, SpeakAsia Online, which is now facing a ban in India.

(This is according to information provided by Manoj Sharma)


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