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What is it really like to work for Apple

Lucy Hattersley | Oct. 20, 2016
The work culture is definitely effective compared to others.

What's it really like to work for Apple?

The work culture at Cupertino isn't like that of other companies. Apple is famously secretive (more so, even, than most tech companies), and employees are expected to do the best work of their lives. Apple is very effective at keeping secrets, and that includes what it's like to work there.

Even so, there are many sources of great information about what it's like to work for Apple. In this article we're going to look at what ex-employees, their friends and family, and people who've researched the company have to say about what it's like to be an Apple employee.

What is it really like to work for Apple: 110 percent of your energy

Fortune magazine senior editor Adam Lashinsky is the author of Inside Apple, and he's spent a lot of time chatting to Apple employees and former employees. His presentation to Stanford, titled Keeping Company Secrets, tells us a lot about Apple's work culture.

"I liken Apple employees to horses fitted with blinders," says Lashinsky. "You don't look left, you don't look right, you look forward, and you charge forward with 110 percent of your energy."

Dylan Adams was an Apple retail employee for three years. "My first experience of Apple was the iPod," says Dylan. "It was the single thing that first got me interested in technology. Since that day I have been focused on Apple products. When I bought a laptop it was a MacBook; when I bought a smartphone it was an iPhone; and when I bought a tablet it was an iPad.

"It was inevitable I would apply for a job at Apple. Who wouldn't want to work with such amazing products?"

Apple isn't interested in fakes. "The photos of happy smiling employees on Apple's career website are real," says Dylan. "They are not actors or models; they are genuine Apple employees. I have actually worked with some of these people on a day-to-day basis."

What is it really like to work for Apple: Learn to keep a secret

One thing that separates Apple from other firms is its culture of secrecy. Most technology companies have trained employees to keep secrets, but Cupertino takes this further than most. "Part of the corporate culture and the way of doing business - and again, [this is] anathema to the way business is run - is that Apple keeps secrets from itself," says Lashinsky.

"They keep secrets from their own employees. If you and I work at Apple, but we're not on the same exec team, your business is none of my business and my business is none of your business."


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