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What is a Disruptive Futurist?

Ross O. Storey | Jan. 16, 2009
MIS Asia editor Ross O. Storey asked Ian Neild to explain his job.

Is there anything else you would like to add that you think could be included in the article?

For all new technologies, you can ask a few basic questions:

•    Who will use it?

•    What does this enhance / destroy?

•    What does it do that has already been done?

•    What happens if it takes off?

During the last industrial revolution, the person who controlled the mechanical power was very important; if the steam power or water wheel failed then the wheels stopped turning. Gradually, power became a commodity as electrical engines / electricity grids brought power on demand.

So, as the person in charge of power, how would you have viewed these new electric engines and the prospect of an electrical grid? Would you have seen them as a threat or as an opportunity to your business? Today, the role of the CIO is relatively new and during the current industrial revolution (or informatisation), information is very important but increasingly information management may soon become the commodity. We are seeing the rise of a great number of potential new engines emerging, are these threats or opportunities for the CIO?

So, my question back to you is, how do you see the role of the CIO changing over the next 10 years?

We live in interesting times, the world is still speeding up and change is the only constant, with mass informatisation of the customer who has never had so much access to information, wherever they may be. The need for us all to understand our customer, our business and our customers business has never been greater and our main focus is to be on serving the needs of our customers today and tomorrow.  My companys strategy is to enable our customers to thrive in an ever changing world.

My name is Ian Neild, I am a Disruptive Futurist for BT.


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