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UBS CTO: Human touch key to tech world

Teresa Leung, Computerworld Hong Kong | May 16, 2013
Having recently relocated to Hong Kong from NYC, Minerva Tantoco, CTO, Client Facing Technology at UBS, manages the complexity of tech changes while emphasizing the positive social changes tech can bring.

And in general the role of IT has changed too, with tech blurring the boundary of work and personal life. IT also needs to help management change the way they engage employees and customers.

CWHK: What are the most challenging tech projects you've completed?

MT: There are many, but I learned the most from a project where I re-architected a data-warehouse for an investment bank. Previous attempts [in doing so] were futile and cost much money. People warned me about that, but I loved challenges.

During those 18 months, I did re-design work, implemented changes, and incorporated new requirements. Needless to say there were many obstacles on the way, but the project was ultimately a success. And more importantly, people stay as friends after the project--I think this is crucial too when it comes to managing the new generation of tech pros.

CWHK: What do you consider your greatest achievement?

MT: The two US patents I got in 2011. They are related to AI applied to workflow and AI applied to processes for measuring risks

CWHK: Outside work, what are you passionate about?

MT: I am interested in education and will explore more about how tech can be used to further education. I feel strongly about tech's power in driving business and social change, and women should participate in driving these changes.

CWHK: What tech and/or tech trends do you think are hypes today?

MT: Buzzwords help us understand concepts and open dialogues, but they mean nothing specific and become meaningless when over-used. Cloud is one.

True wisdom comes from specific implementations of concepts rather than buzzwords themselves.


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