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Top 8 sites for researching your next employer

Rich Hein | April 1, 2013
Finding a good job these days is tougher than ever. There are so many factors to take into consideration but, thankfully, the Internet provides you with means to figure it all out if you're willing to invest the time.

Vault provides information to prospective employees about jobs, top employers, careers, job search advice, salary listings, message boards and more.

The employer rankings at are based on the responses it received from survey respondents, who were questioned about their opinions about their own firms. You can see how a company rates in terms of "quality of life" areas. The score a company receives is based on the average of the rankings from survey respondents from the same company.

Like the other sites discussed, provides access to an employer / company search, but the information provided appears to come from the searched company's own "about me" page, rather than from current and former employees. Additional information provided includes when the company was founded, its revenue and its reach in the market--along with current job listings for the company. The site is good for finding general company information (or jobs), but no user-submitted feedback or reviews are provided for prospective employees.


CareerLeak is a partner of the CareerBliss website and has been around long enough that most of the listed companies have more than one review. By using the research salary data feature, you can find inside data about how much the searched company's employees make. User-submitted reviews provide searchers with some useful opinions, such as if they are/were happy working for the respective company.

Through its partnership with CareerBliss, CareerLeak also shows whether the company has any current job openings. The CareerLeak blog provides articles geared toward those seeking a new job or career, and provides tips that can make the process of searching for a job much easier. Also provided is a guide for those who wish to research companies.


Although Hallway bills itself as "a cool, powerful, rock-your-world online community where you can tell one and all about the really important stuff," it is not strictly for those seeking employment. The site does feature reviews of companies, but it also provides reviews of executives, politicians, schools and more.

Reviews, or as Hallway calls them, "tells," are provided by users anonymously. Additionally, you are encouraged to ask other users about the company, school or person you are interested in. A job search is also available, with thousands of new jobs added daily.

Google News

While not a company review site, Google News is another great way to find information about a company. You can use Google news to identify news articles that are relevant to the company you are targeting; the information includes press releases, financial information, pending litigation and more.

Why Employer Research Pays Off

Knowledge is power and within these sites, there is enough information to provide you with unique insight into the hiring practices, salaries and operating practices of any given company. You can get a feel for the general attitude or culture of the company, before you even step foot in the door for your first interview.


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