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To work better, you need a change of perspective

Michael Santarcangelo | Nov. 14, 2012
"Is that Charlie?" booms a voice. "It's been years. Man, great to see you!"

Shadow someone else: Find someone to shadow for a day. The key is to follow your guide and ask questions without judging and trying to improve them.

Take someone to lunch, learn from their experience: Try something as simple as a buying someone lunch and asking them about what they do, and then listening.

The key to these approaches is to change the focus. Shift your mind away from the need to get the job done on your schedule to consider the perspective, environment and schedule of someone else.

Take time to reflect on the emotional and logical responses to those situations. And then look at the security processes, tools and directives you've issued to others. Are they designed to meet the needs and environment of you, the security professional, or are they universally designed to meet everyone's needs?

The key to success in security is focusing on others. Start by changing shoes to get insight into someone else's job. Then keep walking in other shoes to build a better career, a stronger team and more overall success.

Michael Santarcangelo is the founder of Security Catalyst, a consultancy that harnesses the human side of security.


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