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Three leading CIOs discuss how artificial intelligence will impact on jobs and the workplace

Edward Qualtrough | Oct. 20, 2017
CIOs from Lloyd's of London, the British Council and N Brown Group discuss how AI will be complementary to future work environments.

British Council CIO Laura Dawson: For us it is a challenge. It's a difficult thing to tackle. It's going to be very difficult. We're actually operating in a number of different cultures. In some cultures the adoption of technology is seen as an opportunity. In others it's seen as a threat. There is something about handling that with a straight bat. Having the principles approach to it. I think it would be wrong to say that the advent of AI is going to mean that we're freeing people up to do more interesting jobs all the time.

Because there is an element that we are reducing the amount of things, cost - and that does mean reduction somewhere along the lines. I think we have to play with a straight bat on it and understand where it's going to bring interest and development for people and where actually it's going to mean a reduction in cost.

N Brown Group CTO Tim Price: I don't think it's any different than the other efficiencies opportunities really. It allows closely the best job, more firm job, or more streamline something in those areas. It's like you give a colleague a new fast app, it's generally a bracelet. It's giving them that sort of, as you said more fulfilling roles. A long way to go yet I think before we do that.



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