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The ten most embarrassing, exploitative, soul-killing, downright dangerous tech jobs

Ian Paul | Sept. 3, 2013
Think your job stinks? Hope it isn't one of these.

IT director
Sure, your job may suck, but CareerBliss says your boss has it even worse. The online jobs site took a look at its user-review data and determined that IT directors loathe their jobs more than anyone else, giving the career the not-so-grand title of the Most Hated Job in America. Sure, the pay is good, but settling endless debates between whether Windows or Linux offers the better server system is liable to drive you nuts.

Fulfillment centers for online retail
Amazon's logo may sport a sly smirk, but the people schlepping boxes in the warehouses of online retailers don't do a lot of smiling, according to a slew of scathing reports like Gawker's True Stories of Life as an Amazon Worker and Mother Jones's I Was a Warehouse Wage Slave.

The tell-alls describe a workplace that continually pushes employees to work faster and faster and faster, where people are forced to work overtime, where it's virtually impossible to chill out and grab some lunch, and where chronic physical injuries are common. All the while, in a point system for poor performance you're racking up points until you're ultimately fired.

RadioShack employee
As bad as the choreographed cha-cha at that Microsoft Store was, working retail can be a lot worse than shuffling around with a Surface—just ask anybody who works at RadioShack.

In June 2012, AOL Jobs looked into the most poorly reviewed retail jobs on and found RadioShack ranked among the worst. Shack employees complained of low pay (average hourly wage for sales associates: $7.92) and high pressure to meet sales targets, while managers say their schedules left little time to spend at home. But hey, where else are you going to find a job with enough spare parts to make super-awesome stuff like this?

Technical support specialist/software support engineer
Who ya gonna call when you got ghosts in your machine? Tech support! And they absolutely hate you for it.

In March, CareerBliss said call center workers have the ninth unhappiest job in America, while Salary Explorer ranks technical support specialist as the most boring job in tech, with an overall rating of 2.5 out of 5. Check out PCWorld's guide to dummy-proofing the PCs of your friends and family before your nontechie pals drive those poor tech support workers to drink.

Cell tower climber
Can you hear me screaming now?

While there are only a relatively scarce 10,000 cell tower climbers nationwide, these daring scramblers have a death rate about ten times higher than construction workers, according to a 2012 report by Pro Publica and PBS's Frontline. The bad news doesn't end there: In 2008, the head of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration called tower climbing the most dangerous job in America. The Wall Street Journal reported that by August 2013, ten workers had already plunged to their deaths from communications towers this year. Nine of those were on cell towers, a spike attributed to carriers racing to build out their 4G networks.


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