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The rise of robotics-as-a-service

David Gee | July 1, 2016
What is the value proposition of a robot and why should you invest in one?

Bots will be useful in the healthcare sector when doctors need to complete patient examinations but patient records required to help clinicians make the right decisions could be spread across four databases that often don't talk to each other, he said.

Healthcare institutions can either build new integrations between the existing databases and systems, completely replace them, or create a 'digital super nurse.'

This super nurse gathers relevant information from each database and is, by comparison, a simpler and lower risk option.

Four 'bots' are installed in each back end system, consolidating information and displaying it in real time on a mobile device. The entire build can take as little as 4 to 5 weeks, my colleague said.

The use of bots not only cut costs and but drives transformation of your customer experience. Yes, it appears that bots are on the rise and it's a new development that is worth paying attention to.

Source: CIO Asustralia


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