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The midyear state of the IT job market

Rich Hein | June 19, 2015
The tech market is booming and that's good news for today's tech workers. Employers, CIOs and IT leaders, however, are facing many challenges. We spoke with David Foote, from Foote Partners, to help companies identify, avoid and overcome these obstacles.

IoT and sensors

The Internet of Things holds promise for many industries and as more connected devices and sensors are added to an organization's ecosystem, security becomes even more important. "IoT will roll out only insofar as companies and people are willing to accept the level of security protections that are in place at the time of purchase consideration. So security jobs and skills will be boosted by IoT interest and demand," says Foote.

Many industries are now looking at how these connected devices can give their organization a competitive edge. Foote points to the retail industry as an example of where the industry is looking to tap into sensor-generated data from wearable technology to provide targeted products and services to customers. "As businesses look to IoT technologies to provide more insight, there is an ever-increasing demand for analysts capable of transforming IoT data into actionable business intelligence," says Foote.

Final Thoughts

In the world of technology, the one constant is that everything keeps morphing - products, services, skills and job roles. That's not going to change. What should change is how you approach filling the need for the right people with the right mix of skills at the right time. The bottom-line is that organizations that want to be successful need to be forward-thinking and better align their human capital needs to their business strategy.


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