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F.Y. Teng | Sept. 23, 2013
After an illustrious 45-year career in the private sector, Hong Kong's CIO opted for public service and is now leading the charge for ICT-enabled collaboration across borders and onto the Cloud.

Beyond just enabling government to provide better public services, these three initiatives that I've been pushing along are also intended to facilitate the growth of cloud adoption across the different sectors of Hong Kong. Through them government sets an example in successful cloud deployment, communicates that to the citizens and industries of Hong Kong, and then connects the providers with the users and customers.

We have developed a portal-InfoCloud-through which we are doing a lot of things, from organising seminars, workshops and conferences on the cloud, to hosting content on checklists and best practices for cloud deployment, including a practice guide for SMEs that we actually spent a lot of time developing.

And through the expert committee on cloud services we are always working with our counterparts in Guangdong, exploring how we could use the cloud to benefit our respective communities. We consider matters such as having a cloud standard that applies to both Hong Kong and Guangdong-that's facilitating industry, giving industry from either territory the opportunity to gain market entry into the other.


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