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The Gatecrasher

Jack Loo | Oct. 22, 2012
Sometimes it is about turning up for meetings unannounced and actively taking part in discussions to gain a better understanding of business objectives.

So if we know that a flight is being delayed, we have a team that actively intervenes to say, "Okay, in order to catch a flight we will put in a shuttle or put in a separate process to ensure that our customers' shipments get delivered on time." So again this is using IT in real time, getting real time visibility of where the shipments are and actively intervening where necessary.

5) Let's shift gears and share your experiences and learning moments as a CIO. In organisations, IT and the business units can have different views, so how do you make both parties work together?

I think it's about building trust. It's about showing the passion and interest in what your customers or internal users are doing. You take the trouble to immerse yourself and put yourself in the shoes of the customer and you will appreciate what they are trying to achieve. IT is not about taking instructions, but it is almost a business partnership role.

You need to listen and understand what drives the customer and what they are trying to achieve as the end goal. If you understand that, then you are focused on the outcome, and not the activity or the process. So from my perspective, that needs to be the starting point, and I think there must be a real interest or passion in delivering the result.

Sometimes you have to gatecrash, when people don't invite you for meetings, you have to go in, listen and participate in the discussion, because at the end of the day, if you are looking at it purely from the IT standpoint, you missed the point of what the outcome is.

Because at the end of the day, very often, if you are too far downstream in the process, you don't understand what the real underlying objective is.

So a lot of what IT can contribute is towards understanding how the business process works, what the business objectives are and it does not have to be an IT outcome. It could be changing the ways of doing things, using information in an effective way.


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