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The digital worker's guide to doing business on the go

Paul Mah | Oct. 23, 2014
Today's workers must do an increasing amount of work outside the office and home. If you're one of them, these six tips will keep you productive, secure, comfortable and secure -- all without scrambling to find a power outlet.

In the absence of official battery packs, third-party battery packs are the only way to keep laptops powered for extended hours without a wall socket. The Poweradd Pilot Pro 32000mAh works for a variety of laptops; it includes the flat USB-style power plugs used by Lenovo in its latest ThinkPad Ultrabooks. Mikegyver Computer also offers battery packs with the option of specially assembled power cables spliced from an original power adapter which work with these battery packs to recharge a Surface Pro 3 or a MacBook.

Deck Out Your Hotel Room
The hotel room deserves special mention for travelers, given the long hours you may spend in there when you're out of town. Today's rooms are generally comfortable, but they may not necessarily have all the requisite tools for a digital worker.

One essential device is a Wi-Fi router, which can provide Internet access to a plethora of devices including smartphones, tablets and laptops. This works in hotels that provide Wi-Fi capabilities too, and makes it easy to offer wireless connectivity without having to reconfigure every single Wi-Fi device.

Bringing a short Ethernet cable may be a good idea, too. Since some hotels do run out of them, while badly handled Ethernet cables can cause intermittent connectivity issues that are hard to diagnose.

Consider packing a desktop charger such as the Anker 40W 5-port desktop USB charger, which can charge all your portable devices overnight. Bring along a couple of static multi-plug adapters for your laptop and USB charger, and you should be good to go.

Pack Some Final Accessories
Adding a number of accessories to the travel kit can help make things more comfortable for the digital worker--and can even increase efficiency. An external mouse can be useful, for example, even for MacBook users. Where possible, get a wireless one that offers the ability to track on shiny or mirrored surface. Both Microsoft and Logitech offer these types of mice.

Finally, good headphones can help you focus at locations that have high levels of ambient noise (though earphones are much more compact). If music helps you unwind, consider bringing a portable speaker that you can set up in your hotel room.


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