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The CSO security career survival guide

George V. Hulme | March 27, 2015
There is little doubt cybersecurity is a hot career path right now. According to labor analytics firm Burning Glass, cybersecurity job postings grew 74% from 2007 through 2013 – a rate of growth that was twice as rapid as all IT jobs combined. And demand for cyber information security positions certainly hasn't let up since.

All of this means that cybersecurity is both an easy profession to find opportunity, but a challenging profession to navigate and get all of the value you need.

Getting started in, and keeping, your career in infosec alive:

How to get a job in computer security

The secret to the security profession is to develop all the computer experience you can before you even begin to think about a career in cybersecurity.

Six entry-level cybersecurity job seeker failings

Here's how many cybersecurity entry-level job seekers fail to make a great first impression.

10 security mistakes that will get you fired

From killing critical business systems to ignoring a critical security event, these colossal slip-ups will get your career in deep water quick

Are You Making a Security Career or Working a Job?

In his first column as CSO's Career Catalyst, Michael Santarcangelo outlines three essentials everyone needs to consider to make security work more than just a job.

Tapping into overlooked talent to improve your security career

Success in security is based on your ability to work with others. Improve your career by building a coalition of talent outside security.

The 7 best habits of effective security pros

It's easy for security professionals who are passionate about their careers to get caught up in the technology, but success today requires a lot more than technical savvy. Here are the traits successful security pros say are needed to succeed.

Security careers in the public sector:

The case for taking a government cyber job: 7 recommendations to consider

Cyber jobs are a hot topic right now for most age groups in America. Typical questions include: Which schools, programs and classes offer the best value for money? What certifications are needed to get into cybersecurity? Are public or private sector jobs best? Or, when will this cyber buzz end? Getting more personal, should you consider a government cybersecurity job?

Career Transition: Public Sector to Private

Moving from the public sector to a private sector security job can be a huge leap. In this book excerpt, David Quilter points out the strengths you'll bring along with the skills you may need to develop.

Women in infosec:

10 tips to attract women to infosec jobs

Women make up only 11 percent of infosec professionals. Here are a few tips to attract and recruit more to your business.

Info sec industry still struggles to attract women

Many barriers still stop women from considering info sec as a profession. But both companies and women would benefit in an increase in the numbers, and many firms are now stepping up efforts to recruit them.


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