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Tech training course promises a job in 90 days or your money back

Sarah K. White | March 10, 2016
Technology has become vital to the daily operations of most businesses, but hiring managers are finding it difficult to land the right candidates. That's why CareerBuilder and Capella University are partnering to train candidates and then place them in a job -- backed by a money-back guarantee.

If you work in the tech industry, you’re probably tired of hearing about the “skills gap.” It’s the term for a recent hiring conundrum where the need for STEM workers has increased faster than students can graduate with the appropriate degrees. As a result, a number of programs have popped up that are aimed at training qualified individuals quickly and for less money than a traditional degree program.

CareerBuilder is the latest to join in on skills-training for workers, but the plans go above and beyond your traditional skills-advancement course. The job site promises to place candidates within three months or refund their payment.

“Millions of people in our country want to work, but can’t find jobs. At the same time, half of employers say they have job vacancies, but they can’t find qualified candidates to fill them. There’s a huge disconnect that can have a paralyzing effect on business and our economy,” says Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder.

IT skills training

The program is aimed at helping students or even seasoned workers gain the skills they need to be successful in the IT industry. Through Capella, students enrolled in the program will receive training and education in specific areas in order to land jobs in the tech field. The programs are designed to last just 90 days at a low cost that will ultimately be refunded if the participant isn’t placed in a full-time job within the industry they studied.

While other for-profit universities have received criticism for their classification of “job placement,” specifically DeVry University, CareerBuilder and Capella offer a more solid definition. The job must be within 50 miles of the candidate’s home address and if it’s outside that range, it must be a job that can be performed remotely. If the candidate doesn’t receive a job offer and isn’t placed in a new position within 90 days of completing the program, they will receive a full refund.

There are some exclusions to the refund: If the candidate accepts a job offer 50 miles outside the radius of their home, they will not get their money back. Also, if the candidate doesn’t pass a background check or just simply doesn’t show up for the interview, they will not receive a refund either.

Affordability and speed

The focus of this program is mostly on affordability, as well as quick turnaround. Part of the problem with traditional universities, is that they can be slow to change and develop new programs. And, oftentimes, by the time students graduate the technology they will encounter in their workplace will have already changed. Not to mention a full degree can also be costly and take years to complete. And for those who already have a degree, they most likely don’t have the time or resources to embark on another four-year stint in higher education.


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