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Tech conference bloopers: 7 stories of snafus and slipups

JR Raphael | Feb. 16, 2011
Onstage falls, wardrobe malfunctions, and romantic disasters -- cue our real-life blooper reel from tech conferences around the world.

The boss clearly knew what was up, though he spared John the embarrassment of a direct encounter. Still, his presence didn't exactly help John's mission of meeting prospective new employers.

Tech conference blooper No. 7: The case of the sliding slacks

Weldon Vlasak traveled with his wife to a technical conference where he was scheduled to speak. As he started getting ready in their hotel room, he realized he'd forgotten one thing — one very important thing.

"When I put on my suit, I was horrified to find that I had not packed a belt," Vlasak confesses. "This was a new suit and a bit large around the waist. My pants would slowly drop down unless I held them up."

Vlasak's wife had a solution: She pinned the pants up, ensuring they'd stay in their proper place for the presentation — in theory.

"At the presentation, I was standing at the podium and delivering my paper when the pin gave way," Vlasak says.

Vlasak managed to catch his drawers and keep them from dropping, but his troubles didn't end there. He had to lean up against a lectern to hold the pants in place. Every time he tried to use his laser pointer, which required him to step away, he had to pull off an odd one-handed waist-holding maneuver in order to avoid flashing the crowd.


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