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Stress management: Better living through technology

Meridith Levinson | Oct. 17, 2011
In 2005, at age 32, Dave Asprey realized he was literally working himself to death. Here is his story.

Today, Asprey is Trend Micro's vice president of cloud security, responsible for the security company's strategy around cloud computing. He remains attached to a computer or smartphone and continues to maintain a hectic travel and work schedule, but he's better able to cope with the running around and the jet lag because of his practice with the emWave.

"I went to New York on two hours of sleep, and I was able to do that because of HeartMath," says Asprey. "I've managed to cut down the amount of sleep I need [to function] to under five hours a night."

Calarco says the Quick Coherence technique restores and rejuvenates people by getting rid of negative hormones created by stress and replacing them with positive hormones that give you vitality.

Asprey also regularly gives presentations at conferences, and he says he wouldn't dream of going on stage without practicing the HeartMath technique beforehand.

"I know this makes me a better speaker so I always do it," he says. "I can walk on stage without experiencing stage fright. It makes me more grounded and focused. I can connect with my audience more easily. I get better feedback, better reviews of my presentations from my audience, when I do the HeartMath technique before going on stage than when I don't."

Asprey says the emWave has made him a better business person, too.

"If I do it regularly, I'm able to respond [to challenging situations] from a calmer place. I make decisions based on facts, rather than how I feel about the facts," he says. "Throughout the day I perform better because I spent a few minutes tuning into my own internal computer systems rather than letting them run themselves."

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