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Southern California Edison layoffs get U.S. Senate attention

Patrick Thibodeau | Feb. 9, 2015
Southern California Edison's replacement of IT workers with H-1B workers is getting attention from one U.S. lawmaker who is in a positon to influence immigration law.

"He goes on to say: 'Americans should be outraged that most of our politicians have sat idly by while outsourcing firms have hijacked the guest worker programs.''

"So the guest worker program is supposed to help businesses. If they can't get people to work, then they can apply to this program, which has some limits. Yet the President proposes doubling the number of people who can come in with H-1B visas to work. He wants to double that number. He has been demanding that. But Mr. Hira said:

"'The majority of the H-1B program is now being used to replace Americans and to facilitate offshoring of high wage jobs.'

"So this is a pretty thorough article in Computerworld, and it is a growing problem in the high-tech industry."


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