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Small data plays a big role in IT recruiting

Sharon Florentine | March 21, 2014
Job applicant tracking systems capture massive amounts of info on candidates. But all that data doesn't help if the best candidates aren't able or willing to complete the process. Going more simple and streamlined can make it easier to find talent.

Are You Driving the Best Candidates Away?

"There's a misconception I often hear that says, 'If they really want to work here, they'll go through my process, no matter what. If they don't want to do that, we don't want them.' But that mindset ignores passive candidates — the best candidates may not even be aware they want to work for you," Berkowitz says.

Simplifying and streamlining the application and hiring process can make it easier for businesses to find talent. "By erecting barriers to the process, you may be turning them off to your opportunities," Berkowitz says.

"What big data can't tell us is 'why did a candidate drop out' of the application process? Why did they struggle with certain steps? What can we do to make it easier for applicants to get through this? You could be losing candidates who would be perfect for certain roles, but they are dropping out of the process before they even get to interview. So, I want to sit down and understand from that person what their individual experience was, and try to pinpoint whether or not there's a larger problem within the organization," Berkowitz says.


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