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Singapore women want work-life balance

Anuradha Shukla | March 7, 2013
Findings from What Women Want @ Work study released by LinkedIn.

More than half, or 58.3 percent, of female professionals in Singapore want to strike the right balance between their work and personal life.

This fact is evident from LinkedIn's 'What Women Want @ Work' study, released to mark International Women's Day on 8 March.

This survey of 400 women respondents in Singapore about professional success shows that women in Singapore are quite confident about their careers and positive about having the best of both worlds, work and family life.

67.3 percent say their careers are 'successful', while 67.5 per cent believe they can have a fulfilling career, relationships and children.

63.5 percent of women currently without children intend to slow down their careers when they have a child. 

"Employers in Singapore can gain significantly from learning about what women want, given that a considerable percentage of the workforce here is made up of females, with many also holding leadership positions," said Feon Ang, director of Talent Solutions for Southeast Asia and Korea at LinkedIn.

Less importance to salary

The importance placed on salary when defining professional accomplishments has decreased from 64.7 percent in the past five to 10 years ago to 57.8 percent currently.

68.3 percent of working women want greater flexibility within the workplace.

"It is quite clear that to women, attractive pay and positions of power hold less significance. Instead, workplace success is about having an interesting and fulfilling job and being able to achieve the right balance between work and personal life," said Ang.

Despite this optimism at the workplace, 54.3 percent of women are challenged by the absence of a clear career path.

46.5 percent are upset with inequality in pay, 42.8 percent complain about the lack of a mentor or role model and 40.3 percent are challenged by finding the right balance between work and family life.

More than 34.8 percent of women in India claim to have experienced sexism in the workplace and 20.0 percent of women in Singapore think appearance has had a major impact on their careers. 


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