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Security challenges for CIOs in 2017

Chloe Dobinson | Jan. 12, 2017
Ransomware, restricting budgets and password protection are just some of the security challenges CIOs face in 2017.

Security will remain a priority and an ongoing challenge for businesses in 2017, and as CIOs implement the latest security software, employees and executives need to be aware of the risks for ensuring a secure environment and prevent malicious attacks.  

Security challenges for CIOs in 2017: Password protection

A challenge for CIOs in 2017 will be putting password management strategies in place.

Indeed, protecting personal data will see CIOs investing in security tools to ensure the business is protected from breaches.   

As more businesses move to a cloud service to share information, CIOs should implement a system which rotates and validates passwords on a regular basis. 

Password management tools will allow employees to store and encrypt their passwords while also preventing a loss of data. This will reduce the use of weak and reused passwords while ensuring a secure work environment.

Security challenges for CIOs in 2017: Employee knowledge and engagement

Cybersecurity will remain a challenge for CIOs as a lack of employee and businesses engagement is an ongoing issue.

CIOs should educate organisations that data needs to be secure, stored and backed up to prevent cyber attacks.  

Securing the business and educating employees has been cited by several companies as a concern, and

Telefonica 02's CIO Brendan O'Rourke sees cybersecurity as a key issue for every organisation.

"I think it's important that we make it very clear to the executive teams what is going on in security and their online activity," he said. "It will demonstrate how attuned staff and executives are with technology and how aware they are with the security issues."

The telecommunications company runs four security programmes in IT infrastructure and IT networks, helping CIO O'Rourke set clear goals and targets every year at Telefonica 02.

Indeed, some key areas such as password protection, connecting mobile devices and using cloud services remain a focus for CIOs by raising employee and business acknowledgement while also ensuring the business is secure.  

Source: CIO UK 


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