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Relocation costs now a sticking point for job-hunting security managers

Bob Violino | May 6, 2015
In an effort to cut costs, many companies hire local candidates to fill CSO positions. But are they also sacrificing quality for their security program?

One major effect of the decrease in relocation package offerings is that company's limit their choices and might not be able to hire the best candidate for the position, Bell says.

"This is especially true at senior leadership levels," Bell says. "When you consider what even a small breach can cost a firm in lost profits, reputation damage, loss of client's, remediation efforts, etc., then hiring the best candidate, regardless of relocation, just makes good business sense."

The trend means recruiters in some cases have to work harder to get companies to be more flexible if they want to bring in people with the needed security experience.

"Nobody ever wants to back off of their list of wants, needs and desires, but depending on the size of the local market a [company is] in, I have to convince employers that they have to find flexibility somewhere or lower their standards," Snyder says.

"The types of roles I work on are not roles where companies can afford to lower their standards," Snyder says.

Another consequence of the hesitance to pay relocation costs is that more and more work is being done remotely, Clark says.

"In many cases, the technology is there to make this effective," Clark says. "However, leadership is often uncomfortable with this shifting tide. It 'feels' less like they have the control they need to know what's happening with their department if they can't do a walk through or hold an in-person meeting. If companies are unwilling to assist the right talent with meaningful relocation offerings or remote work possibilities, their positions will remain open or they will compromise on candidate quality."


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