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Recruiters increasingly rely on social media to find talent

Sarah K. White | May 24, 2016
The talent war is on in tech, and recruiters are taking advantage of every weapon at their disposal. A recent study found that recruiters are getting creative in how they source candidates -- moving towards social media and messaging apps.

Just as with messaging apps, recruiters rely on social networks as a way to reach out to candidates on the platforms they use most -- be it LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. Recruiters can pinpoint where these recruits are most active, and start a dialogue with them rather than go through cold calls or impersonal emails. You might notice that a candidate is very active on Facebook, so the chances of them seeing the message and actually responding are greater, says Cluroe. He also says that a recruiter might notice that someone follows their company and favorites or retweets a lot of their content. In that case, the recruiter has already found someone who is clearly interested in their company and will probably be very happy to hear from them.

The bigger picture

Cluroe points out that for businesses trying to integrate social media into the recruitment process, it's not about abandoning traditional process. Rather, it's about making social media just one small part of a larger process. Don't underestimate the power of a phone call over an instant message, he says, because social media tools may make the process easier, but it still doesn't override more traditional resources that have worked for decades. What he means, is that reaching out electronically is great, but you still can't beat a phone call with an interested candidate in the end.

But regardless, the results demonstrate that both job seekers and employers need to take social media recruitment seriously, because if they aren't, the competition certainly will, according to Cluroe. "If a job seeker isn't making themselves publicly available across the social spectrum, and building a presence in strategic social spots throughout, they're not going to get discovered. Likewise, recruiters need to know how to not only discover, but genuinely connect with individuals on social media. Otherwise, your competitor will make a stronger connection and entice that candidate just by building a social relationship, even if you offer better pay or benefits. Guaranteed," he says.


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