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Recruiters increasingly rely on social media to find talent

Sarah K. White | May 24, 2016
The talent war is on in tech, and recruiters are taking advantage of every weapon at their disposal. A recent study found that recruiters are getting creative in how they source candidates -- moving towards social media and messaging apps.

A surge in messaging apps

While Twitter use may have dropped off, popular messaging apps cumulatively saw a 40 percent increase from the 2014 report. In the 2015 study, it found that 55 percent of recruiters said they use Skype in the recruitment process, while 23 percent use WhatsApp, 15 percent use iMessage and 6 percent use Viber.

"Too often, recruiters shoot over a message and then move on, content with never hearing back. But our research has shown that social media, including popular messaging apps, enables smart recruiters to expand their outreach and make it more personal and more creative, and truly make a lasting personal connection," says Cluroe.

The idea is that if you can find a user on the media platform they enjoy using the most, the chances of getting a response back are greater than the alternative. Some companies, like HireVue, are even turning to apps like Snapchat and Periscope, which both blur the line between messaging apps and social media apps, to create a rapport with potential candidates.

"We use it to live stream events and get others engaged in what you are streaming. We do regular walk arounds of the office to showcase people and our space. One of our favorite fans tunes in from the U.K. She regularly tweets at us and has met several of our people via Periscope. When we have an opening in the UK, we plan to consider her," says Martinez.

On Snapchat, Martinez says he and his colleagues can give outsiders a glimpse into their working culture, and also help current employees stay connected. A snap from a co-worker might even prompt an internal dialogue or a conversation that continues in person, which is just another benefit to the platform. For HireVue, apps like Snapchat and Periscope are great mediums through which they can showcase what it's like to work at the company, giving potential candidates a better idea of where they're applying.

Social media is just one part

Of course, you shouldn't get the impression that recruiters are reaching out to candidates on social media and completing the entire process through those platforms. Rather, social media has evolved to become an integral part of a many-step approach to recruitment. Social media is a way for employers and recruiters to humanize themselves, and create a more personal impression on candidates. It gives candidates the capability to learn more about the company outside of the corporate website, and it gives recruiters a better idea of who they're hiring, outside of the professional interview.

"It's oftentimes about creating a personal connection with them and keeping them warm so that they want to come work for you. So you share content about the company, you share employee stories, you share thought leadership -- all of that adds up to make you an attractive employer," says Cluroe.


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