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Oracle accelerates Cloud transformation in Australia with 1000 new staff

Brian Karlovsky | May 12, 2015
Expands Australian datacentre footprint

Oracle senior vice president for Cloud strategy, senior vice president, Shawn Price.
Oracle senior vice president for Cloud strategy, senior vice president, Shawn Price.

Oracle is accelerating its Cloud drive in Australia and has the lofty goal of becoming the number one Cloud company on an expansion bookings basis by the end of year.

The company, which spends more than $5 billion on research and development annually is in the middle of a major transformation and is set to hire 1000 new staff across APAC (with 150 of those going to its Australian operations).

Oracle senior vice-president for cloud strategy, Shawn Price, told ARN the company was also expanding its datacentre footprint to Melbourne as it looked to offer end-to-end Cloud solutions. "It's no mystery that Oracle is in the midst of what I would characterise as the largest transformation of any company in computing," he said.

"It's quite a significant undertaking to migrate from on-premise to the Cloud and we are making significant inroads."

Oracle's third quarter 2015 results revealed revenue of $US9.3 billion - up 6 per cent.

But it's growth in Cloud was the big surprise.

Software-as-a service (SaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) grew 30 per cent to $US375 million, while Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) revenue was $US155 million, up 32 per cent.

Price said the company sat in a unique position with 70 million subscribers across 31 billion transactions.

"Australia is in a pretty unique position. We invested here early and today we have more than 2400 employees," he said.

"We have announced we are going to add an additional thousand employees [APAC] over the next four quarters and are accelerating.

"We are actively growing the company across all functions and we are seeing great retention and employee growth - people are really excited to move skills sets to the Cloud."

He said the large investment in the A/NZ market was due to Australia being the "number two Cloud-ready market in the world".

"13.5 million connected social users, you have got deep mobile penetration and companies that compete on a global scale around those two dimensions of operating model shift," he said. "We see it as an incredibly important market. I would almost say we're A/NZ goes, so goes the rest of Asia-Pacific."

He said the company had seen huge growth in PaaS.

"You have SaaS - 600 apps, underpinning that is PaaS, Underpinning that is IaaS around compute and storage, and then our hardware strategy ties nicely to this," he said.

"When you looking at performance its pretty staggering how fast we are growing.

"We intend to be the number one Cloud company on a new and expansion bookings basis by the end of this year."


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