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New tech jobs in top demand in 2017

Gianna Scorsone, VP of Sales Operations & Marketing, Mondo | Nov. 16, 2016
Virtual reality, augmented reality and cognitive computing engineers head the list

Forward-thinking businesses realize how much they have to gain from this new version of reality, which has led to the surge in demand for AR Engineers.

* Cognitive Computing Engineer.  Brace yourself because artificial intelligence (AI) is finally here. Well, augmented intelligence is here, according to IBM. At the core of which is cognitive computing. Rather than replicating human intelligence, augmented intelligence systems help humans do the work of several people, significantly improving productivity and efficiency. Which is why businesses are scrambling to hire Cognitive Computing Engineers in order to develop and implement varied machine learning and cognitive computing tools and technologies.

The responsibilities of Cognitive Computing Engineers have not yet been fully defined, which goes to show just how new this IT role is. Currently, Cognitive Computing Engineers help businesses create, test, and evaluate cognitive software designed for their computer network.

Because the varied benefits of cognitive computing are just beginning to be realized, Cognitive Computing Engineers can expect the demand for the position to increase drastically with time.

Looking ahead

When it comes to technology, the industry is always evolving and expanding. Although these positions, and the technologies they specialize in, are new, tech-minded companies with their fingers on the pulse of what’s next understand the possibilities they present.

Having the newest, skilled talent specializing in the latest technologies is critical for companies to be on the forefront of innovation. Due to this, all three of these positions will continue to be in high demand for 2017 and the years to come.


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