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New Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins heads into "hyper-connected" mode

John Gallant | July 27, 2015
Robbins takes over at Cisco for John Chambers this Monday, promoting a hyper-connected architecture in the face of competition from white box makers and SDN proponents.

John, separate from his skill as CEO, has a big personality.

He does.

How do you -- I don't want to say fill those shoes, because that's not the right analogy. But how will Cisco be a different company with your personality?

You might want to ask people around here how big my personality is. John's built an amazing culture - one of people who care deeply about what they do, they care deeply about the business, but they also care about giving back to their community, society and the world. We'll maintain it. The difference between John and I is that I probably get into the details a little more today, but I've been told that three years from now I probably won't be able to do that. Fundamentally the company will maintain all of our cultural values, all the things that make us great. We'll have a lot of fun. And look, John's going to be executive chairman, so he's going to be sticking around for a few years, so his stamp will still be on it. He'll still be around with his big personality and making us all laugh and having a great time.

Do you drink diet Coke?

Not nearly as much as John does.

Is there anything about the transition or what's ahead that I didn't ask about that you think our readers would need to know about?

This issue of data being everywhere and the need to take dynamic, secure infrastructure out to the data is going to be one of the most fundamental shifts we've seen in a while. We're uniquely positioned because the network enables that through programmability, automation, security and all those things. If you look at that convergence of the applications into the infrastructure and the visibility that they now have, and then the convergence of this next wave of protocols and technologies that are right in the wheelhouse of what we've done, I think our future is incredibly bright.


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