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Juniper Networks' new CEO, Shaygan Kheradpir

Allan Swann | Jan. 24, 2014
ARN took some one-on-one time with the high profile CEO to discuss his vision of where he wants to take the company in 2014, and how it will compete with key rivals.

So you see these 'High IQ' networks as your key market differentiator, enough to push you ahead of Cisco and other rivals?
These traditional market segments, and the traditional way we categorise them, is passé.

Everyone's trying to build Clouds. Traditionally if you had told people about the MX router the image that would come up is wireline service provider. But now you see customers all buying the exact same stuff — the PTXs, the MXs and the SRXs and so forth. Everybody is in all these high end segments, and they all want to build clouds.

From the customer perspective, hardware is not how they look at it anymore. They don't look at it and wonder — am I going to buy security, and then switching, and then routing, and then transport. They just say, I want to build a Cloud with these attributes: It can't go down, it can't get hacked, it has to have multi-tenancy, it has to be open framework architecture, it has to scale out. Basically it has to do everything. I have to be able to provision things automatically and instantly, I have to be able to move workloads around. That's how customers think about it and that's how we now think about it.

Most of these attributes are carrier class characteristics. We've just fast forwarded in time to new technology, and who has that? Juniper. We are a carrier class company.

I would never have thought that enterprises were buying PTXs.

And so I think the market is changing both in terms of who's buying and how they think about what it is they're buying.

Last words?
I'm a big believer in focus around the customer. We want a disciplined execution around business fundamentals. Execution with a no excuses mentality. That focus is a big deal.


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