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IT job search tips for baby boomers

Rich Hein | Sept. 4, 2013
Is your extensive IT experience and your age making it harder to find a new positions? Learn how to limit the effects of age discrimination and land that interview.

For example, a sysadmin might write an article on migrating assets to the cloud or an HTML5 developer could write an article on HTML5 best practices. Senior IT people could write about leadership topics or project management.

Final Word of Advice for Baby Boomers
There are some who recommend changing your hair to appear more youthful, but a majority of experts advise against this. Being yourself is the only way to truly know if you will fit into their team and culture. That doesn't mean a wardrobe update or hairstyle is out of the question, but as Shakespeare wrote, "To thine own self be true."

"Don't try to look 25-years-old, but giving yourself a makeover, a new hair color and style, an updated wardrobe, and modern eyeglasses will help keep the interview to just the questions and not thoughts of your maturity. Also, it's true that if you feel good on the outside it helps promote positive energy from within and makes not just you, but your entire personality more appealing and hirable," says Mattson.

Job Search Resources
"Over 50 percent of working retirees want to work in a new profession. So there are also sites geared towards assisting those individual in identifying their 'second careers' such as the My Skills, My Future website from The Labor Department," says Matt Ripaldi, senior vice president with IT staffing firm Modis. There a number of resources on the web and in the real world that focuses on helping people over 50, refocus their careers or find new ones.


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