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IT job search tips for baby boomers

Rich Hein | Sept. 4, 2013
Is your extensive IT experience and your age making it harder to find a new positions? Learn how to limit the effects of age discrimination and land that interview.

She also recommends asking the people in your network who you are in regular contact with the following questions.

  • What skills and experience are you looking for that will add the most value to your organization?
  • How does your company find key talent?
  • What does your company look for when interviewing established workers?
  • What do we need to do better in presenting ourselves more effectively?
  • What should I do in-between the first and second round of interviews when I do not hear back from the employer?
  • Do you know of companies that are targeting the more mature worker?
  • What skills would you recommend for me to acquire to make me more marketable?
  • Is there an internship at your company to show you what value I could bring to your organization?
  • Do you know of a particular networking group that would be helpful for me to join?
  • Is there someone else you could recommend I speak with who could help me fine tune how I present myself the most effective way in today's challenging job market?

Social media is also a great place to post any content you've created. "The articles that you write should be posted on your social media sites," says Goldsmith. It will get the word out and help you establish yourself as a subject matter expert.

Update Your IT Skills
Find out what skills would make you more valuable to employers in your industry and then go out there and add those skills to your tool box. This could mean taking online courses, workshops, webinars or books, going back to college or a tech school.

"Once you identify the direction you want to go, and then understand the specific skills needed, you will be able to find resources to train. Upgrading your skills will be essential and the time should be spent doing so. Also you will be able to locate free resources that can help you validate the skills you need and offer the skills training as well," says Ripaldi.

You could also go the less-traveled route and volunteer your time somewhere that will allow you to grow your skill set, like a nonprofit or church organization.

Raise Your Profile by Creating Content
One great way to get your name out there is to create content germane to your profession. "Select a topic for which you have an opinion and can add unique perspective, write about it, not just once, and post it to a variety of online article submission services. For example, I have a friend who has worked for 20 plus years in hospitals and has positioned herself as an IT hospital specialist. If she were looking for a job, I would recommend that she network at hospital conferences and identify opportunities to speak about an IT topic that would interest this market (if she is a good speaker); or join a hospital industry association and write an article for the association newsletter or blog," says Goldsmith.


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