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IT Certifications: Discover where the value lies

Sharon Florentine | Oct. 24, 2014
Knowing which certification will help elevate your career or land a job is not only difficult, it's different among different facets of it.

According to research from Comptia, hiring certified employees saves businesses time and money.  "Certified employees acclimate more quickly to new work environments, technologies and processes, which means fewer training hours, and their problem-solving skills are much more finely tuned," Thibodeaux says.

"The learning curve is much shorter for a certified it worker than it is for a noncertified counterpart. certified workers are more likely to fix problems right the first time and are more adept at anticipating issues and resolving them before they become major problems," Thibodeaux says.

Certifications can mean better soft skills

And it's not just technical proficiency. Certified IT pros tend to have better soft skills including better communication and project management skills. "It's that expertise that allows certified IT pros to identify ways to use technology to make the business operate more efficiently or less expensively. being able to translate business talk into tech talk and back again; or combining tech skills with business savvy, such as project management, is a major differentiator for talent," Thibodeaux says.

Certification speeds time-to-hire

At a time when many employers struggle to find talent with the right combination of hard and soft skills, certification is a marker that identifies an individual with skills validated through education, training and testing, Thibodeaux says, and that can significantly speed up time-to-hire.

"Technology changes much more rapidly than any business practice; you're talking about radical changes every twelve to eighteen months. spend time testing and validating each it candidate's knowledge and skills before you hire them and you'll end up way behind - before you've even started, " says Thibodeaux.

"Certification tends to be a good fit in the it workforce. certifications represent a trusted body of current and even cutting-edge knowledge that will help keep talent up to speed with validated skills, so you don't have to. You can hire more quickly and get down to business," he says.

All things being equal ... go with the certification

"Certification programs today are evolving to become more performance-oriented. This gives them much more credibility in the eyes of an employer, and performance-based testing is much more valuable as an assessment tool. It's expensive, but it's worth it for both the certifying body or vendor, the candidate and a potential employer. I'd hire an it professional with a certification before i'd hire someone without, all other experience, education, skills being equal. I believe most businesses feel the same," says Tantry.


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