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Is your careers site driving away candidates?

Sharon Florentine | July 31, 2015
A pleasant job applicant experience is your best chance of making a great first impression on candidates. Is yours up to par?

Don't bury the lead

In addition to being easily accessible via any browser or any device, ease of navigation is key, especially when it comes to searching for and finding open positions. Make sure your job listings aren't difficult to find -- you want candidates to see them without having to put forth a herculean effort. "If you bury your job listings three or four clicks deep into your site, you are going to lose a lot of people. We always advise clients to have the job listings either present on the main career page or, at most, one click away from the main career landing page," Berkowitz says.

Don't make applying for a job hard work

OK, your site's accessible, it's easy to navigate, and candidates can quickly search for and find open positions. But what happens to the user experience when candidates leave the career site and move into the application process and the applicant tracking system?

"This is an element many sites get wrong. You have to make sure your integration with an ATS is seamless and painless so you don't lose the candidate with repetitious, tedious processes here. I've seen applications which are 11 or 12 pages long and take a long time to complete -- that's going to cause a lot of candidate drop-out," says Berkowitz.

Candidates want this process to be easy and fast, they don't want to feel like they are spending all day applying for jobs, or even worse, spending all that time applying to just one job. The best solution to this problem, according to Goldin, is to ask candidates to do a little as possible. "Nobody should need to fill out a ten-page form. Just make sure your site has the capability for candidates to submit a resume and/or cover letter, and they'll leave with a positive impression right off the bat; they didn't have to jump through hoops just to apply," Goldin says.

Avoid stock photography -- showcase real employees

Your culture and your brand are one of the most important elements of a career site. An easy way to highlight your organization's great work environment, perks, benefits and culture is to paint a real image of what life in your office is like.

A company's brand is an important way to make a connection with a potential employee, so make sure you're emphasizing this personal touch. "We always recommend our clients use photographs of real employees on their career site instead of using stock photography. It's easy for a candidate to tell one from the other and real employees are much more authentic than stock photos," Berkowitz says.

Focus on growth, not requirements


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