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Is the robot revolution going to put us out of work?

Bill Snyder | Aug. 12, 2014
The Pew Research Center polled nearly 1900 experts on the rapid advancement of robotics technology and AI and the associated impact on the modern job market.

Michael Glassman, associate professor at the Ohio State University, was one of those who said the number of jobs being destroyed by AI has been exaggerated: "I think AI will do a few more things, but people are going to be surprised how limited it is. There will be greater differentiation between what AI does and what humans do, but also much more realization that AI will not be able to engage the critical tasks that humans do."

A number of experts said that 12 years is simply too short a time span to see major social change forced by technology. Others argued that some of the most attention-grabbing technologies, such as self-driving cars face very steep barriers to widespread adoption.

"The vast majority of the population will be untouched by these technologies for the foreseeable future. AI and robotics will be a niche, with a few leading applications such as banking, retailing, and transport. The risks of error and the imputation of liability remain major constraints to the application of these technologies to the ordinary landscape," said Christopher Wilkinson, a retired European Union official and board member for, which oversees domain registrations in Europe.

I've only scratched the surface of this report. There's a lot to think about here; maybe pour a cup of coffee and give it a leisurely read some morning. It is, after all, about our future.


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