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How to thrive in the coming tech gig economy

Paul Heltzel | Oct. 27, 2015
The rise of contract and contingent work is shaking up the traditional IT career path. Here’s how to navigate for success.

“It’s been said that millennials like to ‘job hop’ more than other generations, but what I find especially interesting is that in today’s economy, the flexible workforce allows individuals to pick and choose the projects they’d like to work on,” Brimm says. “Workers can also use this flexibility to improve on an existing system by applying their personal experience into a project. If the project goes well, a company may take notice and create additional projects for the flexible worker at hand.”

The kicker may be that in a gig economy, the end may not be in sight, but at some point, it’s coming.

“Flexible workforces don’t offer the same stability that a full-time work structure does,” Brimm says. “There’s a risk associated with contingent work because there is always a timetable and an end date to the assignment.”


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