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How to tell if a company's culture is right for you

Rich Hein | April 8, 2015
You want to work where you are inspired to do your best and appreciated by your colleagues and manager. However, that kind of fit doesn’t happen by chance. Find out what it takes to target the right job, company and culture.

Look for cues in your correspondence
Clues to how a company operates may appear in your phone conversations, meetings or emails. You've got to be strategically aware of this. "During the interactions, whether it is an email exchange with HR/hiring manager or the interview discussions, look for behavioral clues. For example, if everyone you meet is always rushed, it may indicate a sense of urgency or reactionary approach to things. Don't look for perfection, but look to see if the culture is about evolving and getting better," says Kumar.

Don't be blinded by perks
In the world of technology you regularly here about the latest startup offering perks that on the surface seem incredible but often there is a price to pay for those perks like long hours or being on call for example. In other situations it can seem like there is no one at the helm at all and in those cases the culture just kind of creates itself, good or bad. Remember thjat culture isn't necessarily about the perks provided but more about traits and the core values that an organizations embraces. All the perks in the world won't make up for poor leadership, a bad work environment or lack of culture from the top down.

The bottom-line
Knowing who you are and what is important to you are the first steps on the road to career success. Combine that with the right research and a little luck and you should find yourself in a job that you want to be in. However, if don't invest the time and resources necessary you will likely find yourself looking for a new job and no one wants to go through those efforts all over again.


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