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How to prepare to interview for a temporary position

Sarah K. White | June 7, 2016
In many ways interviewing for a contact position follows the same rules as interviewing for a full-time job, but there are several significant differences. Here’s how to prepare for a contract role in the gig economy.

A lot of companies will hire part-time workers and then transition them to full-time once they've proven their merit. It's important to keep that in mind, because if you wind up liking the company you're temping at, it could be a great fit. But if you decide to ask the interviewer if the job will ever transition into full-time, be sure to make it clear that you are OK if it doesn't.

"State that while you are ultimately seeking a full time job, you are comfortable working on an interim/project basis. If you share that you're looking for a permanent position, you may answer your way out of the contract job. Hiring managers want to ensure that you will stay for the length of the contract and that you are invested in the role," says Davis Long.

Without going too much into personal details, express why temporary work fits into your current lifestyle, and why you're actively pursuing this line of work over permanent positions, Wallenberg adds. In fact, if you have your eye on a full-time gig, Wallenberg suggests not mentioning temp-to-hire opportunities unless the hiring manager does, or to wait until you've been on board for a few weeks, and then express your interest.



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