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How to prepare for (and ace) the technical interview

Rich Hein | Aug. 28, 2013
As developers and IT pros you need to do all the things everyone else does to prepare for a job interview such as update and focus your resume as well as work on your communication and presentation skills. However, you also have the technical interview to deal with.

.NET Questions

  • What are the general page life-cycle stages for an ASP.NET page?
  • What is Polymorphism?
  • What are some of the advantages of Generics?
  • Design a many-To-many relationship between two tables
  • Design patterns: What are they, why are they used? Ttalk about a few of them and describe how you have used them in the past?
  • What are some of the available .NET collection types? Give a quick comparison of their differences and explain why you would want to use one versus the other?

OOP Design Type Questions

  • How would you design a file system using class diagrams? What datastructures would you use and why?
  • How would you design an account management system where each account could be an index or a client account? Each account has holdings, each holding has related security information and holdings can consist of multiple lots for pricing purposes. How would you model this?
  • How would you design a class structure for animals in a zoo?

Coding Challenge Sample
We are looking for a solution that is compact and runs quickly. What quickly means to us depends on the language you use, but it should take no longer than 500 milliseconds to run. Please use what language you are most comfortable with. However, please know that we do not have Visual Studio so C++ solutions should have the ability to compile with the standard G++.


Consider a word as any sequence of capital letters A-Z, not limited to just dictionary words. For any word with at least two different letters there are other words composed of the same letters but in a different order. For instance, stationarily and antiroyalist, which happen to both be dictionary words. For our purpose alianrostily is also a word composed of the same letters as these two. We can then assign a number to every word based on where it falls within an alphabetically sorted list of all words made up of the same set of letters.

One way to do this would be to generate the entire list of words and then find the desired ones, but this would be slow if the word is long. Write a program that takes a word as a command line argument and prints to standard output its number. Do not use the method above of generating the entire list. Your program should be able to accept any word 25 letters or less in length possibly with some letters repeated. It should use no more than 1 gig of memory and take no more than 500 milliseconds to run.


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