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How to move into a cloud career from traditional IT

David Linthicum | Aug. 15, 2017
From architects to developers, there is a path from traditional IT to the gold-plated jobs in the cloud.

The truth is that networking is already in the cloud world. As long as you spend enough money on infrastructure upgrades, it is not that hard of a nut to crack. Gone are the days when networks went down all the time, and thus when dozens of networking professional ran around rebooting and updating routers and hubs. Those “keep it running” skills will quickly commoditize, so the key value for a network engineer in the cloud is design, optimization, and management—not rebooting devices.

The best map to the cloud for networking pros is to focus on cloud-based networking for specific clouds. For instance, AWS provides a DNS services, along with the ability to monitor network traffic in and out. Network engineers who can hook into such services from the enterprise, and provide monitoring and resiliency best practices and use of tools, will have the best path for moving forward.


Everyone else: the path to the cloud

If your role is something else, not to worry. The patterns for getting from traditional IT to cloud It are basically the same for most IT roles: Get smart on specific cloud technology, and do it fast. Take advantage of on-demand training, or spring for the cloud provider-specific certification training.

What’s critical is to reinvent yourself for the cloud. Anyone who’s been in IT a log time should already know that, because IT has changed before, and it will change again. That fact will never change.


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