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How to manage the 7 biggest workplace fears

Sarah K. White | July 29, 2016
Everyone's experienced some level of stress at work, and chances are, it's stemmed from one of these seven workplace fears. However, managers can ease those fears.

Managers need to be sure that they keep every confrontation private, says Valeras. Never call out an employee in front of their peers or in an open-space environment, or you'll likely only make the situation worse. Always be sure gain a level head before you pull employees aside to have an uncomfortable talk.


Because every employee is different, the level at which they engage at work or with their peers will be different, too. Some will come in the door and easily blend into the company culture, while others might seem stand-offish. To ensure no one on your team becomes isolated, managers need to focus on reinforcing the importance of employee contributions to the organization. Similarly, ensure that all employees are included on important calls or meetings as well as new opportunities and even informal conversations between managers and other departments.

The worst thing you can do is avoid and ignore your more challenging employees, says Valeras. "Not every employee is easy, but avoiding those who are challenging is not the sign of a strong manager or healthy organization."


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