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How to find career happiness: Stop chasing the money

Rob Enderle | July 20, 2015
Do you think career happiness is all about the money? Columnist Rob Enderle doesn’t. He says focus on happiness as your main goal and let cash play a supporting role.

Finally, when considering a firm, spend some time with the HR department. Figure out if they are staffed with experts or just a bunch of mindless paper-pushers doing a poor job of assuring compliance. See if they understand that part of their job is to keep you happy. If they aren't and don't, then find a firm that has people who do.  

In the end the goal should never be more money, but having a better time (or not screwing up the great time you are having). Oh, and my answer to the question, tell the headhunter to screw up someone else's life, and share the experience with your boss. He or she may have forgotten how valuable you are and this could serve as a timely reminder. I never said you can't chase more money just keep that goal in perspective.

I'm old school, I think we should chase happiness and that cash needs to remain in its subordinate support role not the primary driver.


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