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How job hopping can actually help your career

Sharon Florentine | Feb. 24, 2016
Job hopping is no longer taboo. Many job-seekers are finding they can achieve a higher salary, learn new skills and expand their expertise by changing jobs every few years.

She says it all comes down to a misalignment of what a company can provide versus what an employee needs, and that includes a company's mission and values.

"Sure, there are plenty of people who take a new job for a higher salary, or better benefits, to have more flexibility - things like that. But more often, I see that it's more about whether or not a person's career goals and personal values and sense of mission and purpose are being met by the companies they work for," Mattson says.

If job seekers want to make sure they're getting the most out of their time with a company, they need to do their due diligence up front, or risk being dissatisfied. It's also important for companies to look at talent acquisition and retention through this lens if they want to attract and retain great people, Mattson says.

"Reflect back on positions you've had where you felt the most satisfied -- what was the culture like? Where do you do your best work? What were the people like? Make sure the company and the person you'll be reporting to are going to meet those needs for you. I like to suggest that candidates ask courageous, thoughtful questions that delve into the deeper culture of the company," she says.

While questions like, "Describe your culture" and "Describe your managerial style" are important, they only scratch the surface of what job seekers and hiring companies should be looking for.

"What you really want to know, and this is what takes courage to ask, is, 'How receptive is the company to making changes, or addressing issues when they arise?' Are they receptive to feedback and making changes, or are they defensive? These are questions a company will ask you in an interview; why not turn the tables and ask them the same?" Mattson says.


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