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How executives can retain CIO talent

Chloe Dobinson | Sept. 19, 2016
How to keep a CIO happy in their work: Value the CIO, invest in training, offer feedback and praise

Digital talent and skill sets need to be invested in by executives in order to boost profits for the company. Businesses can support their CIO in developing new tools and retraining professionals on their digital skills.  

How executives can retain CIO talent: Feedback and Praise

Executives can develop the CIO's performance in giving feedback on their job role.

CIOs will feel valued as an employee and as a contributing team member on the recent successes in the organisation.

An effective way of communicating to the CIO can be through one to one conversations, staff meetings and newsletters demonstrating the executive's knowledge of the CIO.

How executives can retain CIO talent: Leading by example

Executives need to show they are passionate about the organisation and set an example to the CIO.

A CIO's presentation to the board can demonstrate their business tech midset of the CIO with executives needing to be engaged in IT.

Experimenting with tools and following the latest digital trends can keep businesses ahead of its competitors in implementing change in the business structure.

The communication between the CIO and executives is crucial in developing the CIO career. Executives and CIOs need to work together to eunsure the work culture is happy in enhancing the CIO's loyalty to the business.

Source: CIO UK 


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