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Having a career year? 15 career issues you should know about

Michael Cooney | March 9, 2011
What are the key challenges for your career? As we look across the IT career landscape there are a number of new challenges. The whole IPv6 migration issue has changed some job opportunities for example. Cloud computing offers to bring more IT jobs and security issues could change everyone’s job at some point. Here we take a look at some of the hot topics trending in the career world.

Information security is a tough field to break into and a growing group of information security professionals are finding that it's a whole lot easier if someone has their backs. A program started in March called Infuse Mentors has already paired more than 100 mentors and mentees who share their expertise on technology as well as broader issues such as how to define and achieve career goals, spread their ideas about the industry and overhaul their resumes.

For-profit tech colleges: Can employers trust them?

When Steven Peabody chose the University of Phoenix for his bachelor's in business and information systems management in 2001 and his MBA in technology management in 2008, he knew he was paying a lot extra to take classes on his own schedule and finish his degrees as quickly as possible. Some $54,000 in debt later, he's pleased with the education but not so much with the loans, especially since losing his job as a project manager in December 2008. He now runs a small IT services company and teaching at a private college. "If I could go back in time," he might have decided to "sacrifice my time over my wallet" by attending a less expensive, but less convenient not-for-profit school.

Oracle making Java, Solaris certifications pricier

Later this year, Oracle (ORCL) will begin requiring people interested in gaining Java and Solaris certifications to attend "hands-on" training courses, at an additional cost of thousands of dollars. The new rule goes into effect Aug. 1 and regards Java Architect, Java Developer, Solaris System Administrator and Solaris Security Administrator certification paths, according to a notice on Oracle's Web site.

Are you dressing the part for the security career you want?

Do the clothes we wear set the stage for success or being stuck in our security careers? Shortly after graduating college, I went for a job interview with a small, eight-person company outside of Boston. Conditioned that job interviews required a suit, tie and freshly polished shoes, I arrived dressed to impress.


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