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Having a career year? 15 career issues you should know about

Michael Cooney | March 9, 2011
What are the key challenges for your career? As we look across the IT career landscape there are a number of new challenges. The whole IPv6 migration issue has changed some job opportunities for example. Cloud computing offers to bring more IT jobs and security issues could change everyone’s job at some point. Here we take a look at some of the hot topics trending in the career world.

Prepare for talent wars, IT poaching, warns

IT hiring managers and recruiters are bracing for a fight over the most skilled tech pros – and they're watching carefully to make sure their own most valued employees aren't about to flee for greener tech pastures. "The hiring game wasn't supposed to be this heated," writes Alice Hill, managing director at, in an web post. "Sub-par job growth, modest economic expansion and wavering confidence should have given companies time to find talent."

How IT pros cheat on certification exams

Incidents of cheating on IT certifications are on the rise, a trend that experts say is an outward sign of the desperation felt by out-of-work and under-employed IT professionals.  Training organizations are responding by intensifying their efforts to catch cheaters through cutting-edge defenses, such as biometric identification of test-takers and custom, computer-generated exams.

Google wants to hire more than 6,000 workers in 2011

Google (GOOG) seems poised to hire more than 6,000 people this year if all goes according to plan. That amazing fact was posted on the company's Web site by Alan Eustace, Google's senior vice president of engineering and research. "In 2010 we added more than 4,500 Googles, primarily in engineering and sales: second only to 2007 when we added over 6,000 people to Google. I love Google because of our people. It's inspiring to be part of the team. And that's why I am excited about 2011, because it will be our biggest hiring year in company history," Eustace wrote.

U.S. Secret Service taps video game, 3D technology for advanced security training

When it comes to preparing for all manner of security threats, the more realistic the training can be the better. That's why the U.S. Secret Service said it has developed a software system that uses gaming technology and 3D modeling to offer high-tech training for its personnel.

U.S. Supreme Court says NASA background security checks don’t go too far

In a long-running dispute about privacy and security, the U.S. Supreme Court today sided with NASA saying its background checks were not invasive and that the information required for not only NASA but most government positions was a reasonable security precaution and that sufficient privacy safeguards existed to prevent any improper disclosures.

Cisco announces three new security certifications

Cisco appears convinced that the demand for security workers will exceed the supply, both now and in the coming years. Today I'll take you through some of the facts of Cisco's announcement, and then develop some of the reasons why Cisco believes security is a hot career area.

IT security pros mentoring each other for career growth


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