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GoDaddy rebrands itself with an eye on diversity

Sharon Florentine | Nov. 12, 2015
With new leadership, the domain provider once best-known for its racy commercials is now at the forefront of the push for greater diversity and inclusion, and that's helping the company attract great talent.

Public commitment

Irving has made sure GoDaddy's current messaging and public actions demonstrate a commitment to diversity and inclusion; from co-executive-producing the documentary CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap to doing unconscious bias training through Stanford's Clayman Institute for gender research, to attending and speaking at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing. Just this week, Irving released GoDaddy's salary data in an effort to be more transparent about compensation differences between men and women, and to highlight the gender pay gap.

The shift to a more open, inclusive public persona hasn't deterred growth for the company. In fact, the opposite is true. Goldman says the company is now a global enterprise operating in 37 countries, in 44 languages and with 17 different payment forms accepted. And domestically, Goldman says, putting customers front-and-center of marketing and advertising has been a boon, too.

"One of our strengths is working in and with the communities where our customers live. We have localized offices, local service and support for our customers. At first, we were predominantly American, but now we're expanding and seeing growth in markets all around the world," he says.

A talent magnet

That growth also applies to hiring talent, Goldman says. GoDaddy's successfully attracting elite talent, and having great success retaining them, too.

"No question that this brand shift has dramatically increased the number of applicants we get, and improved our success in recruiting. This year, we sent 15 hiring managers to GHC, and we still had a queue at our booth of women waiting to talk to us and interview with us. The response has been phenomenal," he says.

GoDaddy also does aggressive college recruiting on campuses around the U.S., and Goldman says students respond enthusiastically; GoDaddy's often at or near the top of the list of companies students want to see return, year after year.

Diversity and inclusion aren't just some sound business decisions, Goldman says, it's the right thing to do for every person aspiring to a career in tech. "We're building a great product for customers, and our customers are diverse. We want to reflect their differences and their own diversity of thought and preference so we make sure we're giving them what they need to succeed," Goldman says.


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