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Focus equals progress

Owen McCall | July 10, 2015
Most teams try and do everything, please everyone. Owen McCall discusses why this can impede the goal to build a world class IT team.

As a result of this observation, now as I work with my clients and support them in their quest to become a world class IT team, I always ask myself are they focused, obsessed even? If the answer is no, then I know that they are unlikely to make much progress towards creating a world class team. How can you tell if someone is focused? You look at what they do, where they spend their time, what they talk about, how they allocate their resources.

Most teams aren't focused. Rather they try and do everything, please everyone. This never works. Trying to do everything is the exact opposite of focus. It defuses effort and undermines results.

Getting focused while it sounds easy is actually very difficult as getting focused almost always means you have to stop doing certain things. The things you need to give up are almost always valuable and perhaps even expected, but if you don't give them up you cannot get focused and you will not make progress.

So, are you focused?


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