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Eve wasn't invited: Integrating women into the Apple community

Brianna Wu | Aug. 8, 2014
iOS developer Brianna Wu looks at the ups and downs of being a female engineer in the Apple community.

And because of our talk, the industry is changing for the better. I can point to a thousand kind moments I've personally seen from men in the Mac development community—men that back up their beliefs in equality with action.

On 5by5, Dan Benjamin gave female gamers a voice by greenlighting Isometric, a podcast I host, which has a panel of three women and one man—a gender mix unheard of in the videogame industry. The folks behind ATP are also wonderful: John Siracusa has come to PAX panels I've done on female representation in games. I've emailed multiple times with Casey Liss to chat about issues women face. Marco Arment realized he needed more female writers at The Magazine, and gave me a shot to write about my experiences being a woman in tech.

Elsewhere in the community, Glenn Fleishman has given me career advice on more occasions than I can count. Rene Ritchie and Guy English have invited me on podcasts repeatedly to talk about what women face in tech. And Jason Snell has invited me on The Incomparable repeatedly to share my views as a female geek.

I'm sure for each of them, it was a small thing. They may not have even thought much about it—but each of these moments meant a lot to me. It's easy to say you believe in an idea, but it's another matter entirely to act on it; to open up a seat at the table to someone who might not otherwise get the chance to sit. Actions like these make me proud to be part of our community, and give me the energy to keep fighting and pushing forward.


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