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Enterprise security spending less on skills, more on technology

George V. Hulme | Aug. 10, 2015
Sure, enterprises are investing more in their cybersecurity efforts: but is that a good thing? It could be, depending on how it is being spent.

Also, Johnson says it's possible that the increase in technology spending may be part of the transition in the move to cloud in favor of on-premises IT. "Organizations who increasingly move to the cloud and BYOD will not want to invest in on-premises infrastructure they have to support, they will start looking for cloud security services and security vendors in that space should see significant growth," he says.

Perhaps it's a little bit of all of the above, says Mark Carrizosa, VP, of security at Soha Systems and recent senior security solutions architect at Walmart Global eCommerce. "It's going to be different at every company," says Carrizosa.  "Common factors here with organizations is that they are continuously looking to keep up with the security landscape, new tools, new products, new services that are coming out to help combat their threats," says Carrizosa.

While that may help to mitigate those risks, it still places pressure on having the right people to manage all of those tools, but, many experience CISOs and security professionals say it's not really the size of the team that matters. "Yes, the organization needs to be able to maintain the experience and ability to manage everything. But you're starting to see security teams grow and grow and grow, and all of a sudden they end up with this huge security team of hundreds of people and each has their own silos of experience and that doesn't make for a cohesive group," he says.

"Some of the most effective groups that I've seen have been very small, because they've learned to "work smarter, not harder," and they utilize the tools properly and actually improve the incident response and effectiveness of their security posture," says Carrizosa.


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